Pete Gray

Pete Gray

Pete Gray

More about Pete Gray: These are archival and/or recreational listings. For information about Pete's current professional activities, please go to the main page.

Photography  →

While really only a hobby, every now and again a project needs a Photographer. Check out Pete's Photostream on Flickr.

Ukulele  →

What began as an ambitious multi-facted portfolio piece in 2004, Pete's Uke School has become an icon of the ukulele world. Still serving thousands of pages a day, more than a million people have learned ukulele at

Old School  →

Pete's 2002 website for showing off the websites he was making at the time, Some of these humble sites are still working hard today.

Paleo Web  →

Pete's first "personal web site" from 1997 is still online, and still gets traffic. 3D interactive java applets, experimental VRML worlds, and the oldest SEO page on the web still bring visitors to Pete's quaint Antique Home Page.

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