Pete Gray

Pete Gray

Pete Gray

Pete Gray is a master at online engagement: making sure your online and digital communications do the work you need them to do.

AdWords & AdSense  →

Pete is passionate about online advertising, whether monetizing content with AdSense or reaching online markets with AdWords. Read More.

WordPress  →

Pete makes clean, modern WordPress websites that are easy to update, easy to maintain and work great on any device at His in-depth understanding of the WordPress platform enables him to repair or improve even the most convoluted legacy WP sites.

Consulting  →

Search Engine Optimization, great user experience, and web advertising that works. Pete uses his experience and scientific approach to deliver excellent outcomes and reduce costs at

Flash™  →

Pete (still) makes great interactive applications using Flash™.

Client List  →

Pete has worked with large corporations, government clients, small businesses, arts organizations and non-profits — a sampling of whom can be found on this list.

More about Pete Gray  →

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